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Beat Cyber is the 1st place winner of XR Game Jam 2019 organized by SITEC by akirassasinSonny and rubyleehs.  It is a VR Rhythm Action game made for the  Vive Pro and should work(?) with other VR devices/headsets. 

The game was inspired by titles such as Gun Gale Online, Beat Saber and Rez. You can input your own song and it will procedurally generate a stage for you to play.

How to play

  • Left and Right trigger to select between different songs.
  • Right Grab to select and start song.
  • Use your sword to reflect projectiles at enemies, all projectiles have a "bullet line" that shows their travel path.
  • Both enemy spawning and you hitting the bullet occurs on the bass or sub-bass of the song, so if you pick songs that have no bass OR sub-bass, nothing will happen.

How to install your own song 

  1. Prepare the song of your choice in ".ogg" or ".wav" format.
  2. Place it in the "Streaming Assets" folder.
  3. Start/Reload the game.


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Really cool project! I like how it feels different from other VR rhythm games. Works great on the rift s, though I think the projectiles need to be able to be differentiated from their paths more easily, maybe just reducing the path transparency.