Brittle Power - A TD game about  the difficulties creating resilient energy systems and how over-reliance on these systems can lead to catastrophe. 

Plan carefully, or face your demise.


Controls: Left Mouse Button Only


Tips And Tricks:

  • Killing enemies does NOT get you power, the only way to get power is to build power sources which passively gets you power.
  • Everything you build(other than power sources), if left on, have an upkeep! Turn off those that can't do anything just yet!
  • Overkill does nothing in this game! Towers just meant to kill off those enemies that slip past with a sliver of health left should be kept on power saving!
  • Unlike other typical TDs, selling towers is essential to winning! Sell them to build more power sources and rebuilt them again when you get the power back!
  • Human greed and wants are infinite, satisfying them just leads to more wants to satisfy! Likewise in this game, there is no point satisfying killing enemies fast! Drag the wave as long as possible so you have more time to gain more power!


You may also be interested in a book of the same name.

Game made for LD39 Compo,  VOTE HERE!

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