You know how people are vague when talking about sensitive topic? Exactly.
Ludum Dare 46 theme Keep "It" "Alive" had me no choice but to make a game where you keep "it" "alive" by playing as a ragdoll camgirl.

NSFW warning: Contains a censored, peach-colored rod. 

Everything was made in 48 hours EXCEPT the bgm.
BGM by Eamonn Watt:

Fulfill your viewers wishes to boost your views. 
More views = more donaters = more $$$!
Lose all your viewers and your show is over!


  • Left Click on Butt to drag it around
  • Change your manliness among other things by toggling the settings in the top right.
  • Nothing else
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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Game Jam, Ludum Dare 46, Mouse only, Physics, Singleplayer, Unity
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