Love Pong is a small chat adventure prototype game where you try to get a date. There is currently a total of 113 chat snippets, so you won't be able to see them all in a single playthrough.


  • A/D or Arrow keys to control the lower paddle
  • Balls shows what they contain when it hits a paddle
  • Balls slowly fade away when it's not colliding with anything, you better keep track of them! You can't hold your thoughts well when in love!
  • Get the ball you want past the top paddle(supposed to represent your brain) to send the message, you probably send the wrong one though - Just like real life!
  • If all the balls get past your side, or if the other person blocks, ignores or whatever, you lose.
  • You win when you get a date....or get a secret ending.

Ran out of time to dev, so here is a prototype, if some conversation seems weird, it could be due to me forgetting to check which character is saying it. 
Total time developing: ~35hrs spanning 5 days.

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