Game made for Ludum Dare 45: Start with nothing.

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  • Hold Left Mouse Button to drag
  • Nothing else

More info:

  • Everything is a letter. EVERYTHING. 
  • Your goal is to grasp "victory"
  • BGM only plays when you have created a music-related word.
  • Likewise, you can mute the BGM by creating a quiet-related word.


  • Sprites: Half is from various Game-Dev discords; 
  • BGM:  Entorevolution by AcuticNotes

Development log


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I beat this in 8 words :)

what letter is the glock and the two bows

bows are B and D

dont do glitch

its not fun

Cool is not a word. You heard it here first



won with 598 words

Deleted 21 days ago

The letter P :)

good game so far, however i can't figure out what letter the drill stands for...

The letter r

2 years later I’ve finally found this game again!! This was my favourite entry of LD45 and whenever I think about game jams I’m always reminded of this entry :) Time to add this to my collections so I don’t lose it again ^^


I am honoured that it is your favourite entry! Thanks so much!

Apparently contorting isn't a word :(

Yeah it only checks scrabble valid words from length 3 to 9.  >_<

FRUSTRATED!  400 words and only the V needed (5 others missing) and computer crashed...... Save option please???

For V, think of what objects look like the letter V.
Helps for most other letters too :)

Save option coming... not very soon.

if you type school you get a pen (L) and a that one thing that is used to remove staples (V)

After almost 800 words "I won" but no victory. (No V, the rest was there from a really early point) Such a clever game that kept me in and even searching words online, trying to figure out what letters some things represent. (The coin was really a stupid misunderstanding of mine, for over 200 words at least.)

The music imo is a bit annoying, and that bzzt  really kills it even more. Finding the right positioning with some stuff were a bit tedious at times. Still I think it's a good game. I played it for several hours during a few days. Struggled with a really small variety of letters. Currently at 835. I would make it autosave game, cuz sometimes you just want to leave it aside and get back another time. I did it by leaving the tab open.

Heyo, thanks for your feedback :)

You can turn off the music by spelling mute/silent/similar words.
Also, there are more than 1 way to win(or lose).

Someone also made a walk-through here with hints. Spoiler alert ofc.

the coin was tricky

Fun game! This would make an amazing mobile game.


Thanks :)