Game made for 7DRL but only used ~4.5 days due to RL reasons.


 - Arrow Keys to move.
 - Left Shift + arrow keys to force an interaction (eg. open/close doors)

You control the yellow square.
 - Enemies of differing color all follow slightly different logic and have different relationship/provokation levels with all other colors.
 - Gray triangles are shrines. move into them to gain a random positive buff. 
 - Red Triangles are your start points. Find a green triangle to head to the next floor.
 - You can't deal any form of damage, so take note of the log and which color attacks/are afraid of which color so you can lure different colors together to clear paths.
 - The webGL build occasionally seem to lag spike. I think it occurs when there are too many colors densely packed in one location.


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Hey, I made a strictly pacifist game too. I liked your concept, kind of like crawling between legs in a cinematic bar fight. My browser kept running out of memory, I think it was when I tried to move to the place another square was moving to before they took their turn?