WASD / Arrow Keys to move. Z to rewind.


Ending Code Description
Success! BA2BA2 Claus passes the test and receives clearance to enter the timeline he wants.
Fail BA2B2AClaus fails the test and is stopped from entering said timeline.


This game is a continuation of The Heist by Akirassasin. Both games and many more are part of the Branching Corpses series.


"Branching Corpses" is a collaborative round robin of games, an exquisite corpse of games. Join us on Discord to create new games in our ongoing timelines!


If you liked the music in this game, please consider supporting Gedrizz, the composer for most of the music, on ko-fi.

Sprites are modified versions of Kenney's 1-Bit Pack based on the art of various talented artists working on the series.

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