uohoT- A 1-bit, minimalistic, clicker, bullethell shooter game that comes with lots of deaths. 1st project with C# and unity.

Jump right into the heat of battle and face swarms of enemies and earn ???.
Use said ??? to upgrade both yourself and your enemies.

An endless cycle...or is it?
Perhaps....Just Perhaps...there is meaning to all various symbols.
Perhaps there is a hidden mastermind you can ask.
Perhaps what you are seeking for is hidden right underneath your nose.

Who knows?

Features 20 different enemies,20+2 player upgrades and a boss. Unfortunately, no tutorials. You have to make do with just the below info.

Left-Click to Shoot in direction of mouse. Maybe. Probably. Sometimes misses.
Left Click on squares to upgrade stuff.

Every symbol have a specific meaning. Good luck.

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